As a face-to-face event, Nor-Shipping 2022 in Oslo, Norway, constituted a first careful step back to normality after two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions. Four days of conferences, seminars, and casual get-togethers allowed PALFINGER to reconnect with partners and present the newest additions to its broad marine technology portfolio. The takeaway: let’s not just get back to normal, but back to better.

We have all got used to remote working and online meetings over the last couple of years. Given the circumstances, these tools were a welcome way to remain in touch, but as Gunther Fleck, PALFINGER Vice President Sales & Service Region Marine, explains: “They simply cannot replace face-to-face exchange with customers.” It was therefore all the more welcome that Nor-Shipping 2022 in Oslo was able to go ahead as an “in-person” event. “Nor-Shipping is among the most important trade shows for the European shipping market,” he adds. “It is essential for us to talk with customers, to understand their jobs. Only then can we provide future-proof concepts and shape the future of the industry together.”

Portrait of a man, Gunther Fleck, standing in front of a booth wall and plants, smiling into the camera.

Gunther Fleck, PALFINGER Vice President Sales & Service Region Marine, at Nor-Shipping 2022

A maritime exhibition shaped by decarbonization, digitization, and diversity

Speaking of the future, the consensus at Nor-Shipping 2022 was that the marine technology industry will be redefined by what some dubbed the “3Ds”: decarbonization, digitization, and diversity. “I was impressed by the highly focused exchange about the major strategic decisions made during the pandemic,” Gunther Fleck says. “Our partners are committed to sustainability, as well as autonomous and connected solutions. PALFINGER is ready and willing to accompany them on this journey as a pioneer in deck equipment and lifesaving appliances.” It certainly sounds like we have some exciting years ahead of us. Here are a few highlights of our time at Nor-Shipping 2022.

What made this year’s edition of Nor-Shipping even more important for PALFINGER was the presentation of our new offshore passenger transfer system (OPTS). This hydraulic aerial lift for both people and materials absorbs motion caused by waves on various axes. It can lift up to six people and goods weighing a total of 2,000 kilograms. This technology constitutes a new standard in terms of accuracy, multifunctionality, and – most importantly – safety. “An excellent example for how PALFINGER understands and addresses industry needs. This just proves once more how important direct exchange is,” Gunther Fleck explains.

Nor-shipping 2022 offered a positive outlook

While this latest Nor-Shipping event is rightfully hailed as a first careful step towards normalization, PALFINGER is aware of the fact that supply chains remain volatile and the industry still faces many associated challenges. Nevertheless, Gunther Fleck left Nor-Shipping 2022 convinced that we stand at the beginning of a growth cycle after almost a decade of downturn. “While it may take a few years before the cruise industry returns to old strength, one can already see a growing shipbuilding order book in the merchant segment and first signs of recovery in the oil and gas field,” he argues. “Aquaculture and renewables remain growth sectors, the latter is even expected to quadruple over the next five years.” PALFINGER, capable of serving the entire spectrum of the industry with a broad product portfolio, is in an excellent position to drive change with its partners.

PALFINGER is already looking forward to continuing the dialogue of change with all industry stakeholders at upcoming trade shows such as the SMM in Hamburg in September. While the SMM is undoubtedly among the most significant trade show of our industry, we are thrilled to confirm that we will also be attending the Seatrade Cruise Global, the Wind Energy, and the ONS later this year. What makes this year’s events even more exciting is that we have two “birthdays” that we would like to celebrate with friends.

Celebrating a double anniversary at PALFINGER

This year, PALFINGER is celebrating its 90th anniversary. The company has delivered a remarkable success story of growth, prosperity, and – maybe most importantly – change. We have always been pioneers, as a small Austrian workshop in 1932 and as a global player today. PALFINGER is the world’s leading provider of innovative lifting solutions, an achievement that we are incredibly proud of and that we are eager to celebrate with our partners, customers, and employees over the year. But given that two birthdays are better than one, we are equally excited to honor the achievement of developing our very first marine crane 30 years ago. Within PALFINGER, the marine region has been a major contributor to the group’s success and is testament to how we strive to shape and develop every industry we enter.

So, we would like to thank all suppliers, customers, partners, and employees who made the time to interact with our Nor-Shipping 2022 participation, be it on-site or online, and we hope to see you at one of the upcoming events to celebrate the latest milestones in the history of PALFINGER. Let’s not just get back to normal, let’s get back to better!

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