The coronavirus is not only threatening our health, but also the global economy. It is turning our personal as well as professional lives upside down. The economy and our daily lives are operating at a minimal level – drastic but necessary measures are being taken to prevent the coronavirus from spreading further at this speed. In order to support customers in the best possible manner, the majority of PALFINGERs employees will continue to do so from their home office. Also, service hubs are still available, providing help and assistance where they are needed.

Solidarity and commitment keep the supply chain running

Shipping and utility companies are working overtime to keep the global supply chain running, thus being able to provide people with essential goods and services. Be it cargo ships going from harbor to harbor, fishing vessels operating in the high seas, or offshore wind farms producing energy for households – every single one of these companies makes an indispensable and extremely valuable contribution during these challenging times.

“Working overtime to this extent with such strong commitment should not be taken for granted, which is why we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our customers and service partners. More than ever are we dedicated to supporting our customers as well as maintaining and ensuring our services during this time as best as possible, while adhering to all health policy requirements and consulting with the authorities on a regular basis”, says Gerhard Sturm, SVP Global Sales & Service.

Service support using the PALFINGER Smart Eye

During the current coronavirus crisis, PALFINGER calls attention to remote assistance tools like Smart Eye to protect customers and employees from being infected. Thanks to an audio-visual livestream, know-how and expertise can be shared in real-time. A head-mounted tablet with integrated camera, speakers and display enables servicing to be performed with bidirectional live support. For example, offshore operators using Smart Eye will be effectively supported by PALFINGER’s onshore service specialists.

PALFINGER service hubs available and prepared

PALFINGER’s service engineers keep supporting customers during the coronavirus crisis and are providing help and assistance where needed.

Where operational circumstances permit, PALFINGER’s employees are working from home during the crisis – hence, they are still available and responding to requests. Likewise, service stations can be contacted as usual. Due to PALFINGER’s strong global service network, service engineers can support customers where help is needed.

“We encourage all our customers to get in touch in case they need service support. Despite the difficult circumstances we are confronted with, our skilled service engineers go out of their way to provide help and assistance whenever and wherever they are needed. Whether it is advice or spare parts, we can provide both”, says Gunther Fleck, VP Sales and Service Marine.

PALFINGER will not let anybody down. Our strong cooperation within the company as well as with customers and suppliers will get us through this crisis. Only if we continue pulling in the same direction, will we master this challenge together, step by step.

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