Though based in two very different – and distanced – corners of the world, Arnoud Straakenbroek and Alexander Lee have at least one crucial thing in common: They’re both highly qualified sales specialists at PALFINGER’s marine business. Join us on a tour through their workspaces, and learn more about their careers and daily tasks.

Accomplishing missions for maritime safety and security

Arnoud Straakenbroek clearly is an expert in his field. Having been part of the PALFINGER family for more than five years, he has overcome numerous obstacles and faced difficult challenges on the way. All the while, he has climbed the career ladder and eventually became Global Sales Director for Governmental and Professional Boats and Davits. As Arnoud talks about his job, we quickly get the impression that he truly identifies with the wide range of PALFINGER products.

The product I like most is our newly developed 8.5-meter fast response and fire-fighting boat.

Arnoud Straakenbroek, Global Sales Director Governmental

In his role, Arnoud contributes a great deal to developing the product range for the Governmental segment. Furthermore, he acts as a guide and mentor for his team of Area Sales Managers. While supporting them from bidding to closing deals, he himself is also actively involved in sales projects all around the globe. Let Arnoud fill you in with further details about his most exciting projects and greatest success stories …

An offshore wind expert growing business in Asia-Pacific

Meanwhile, and more than 6,000 miles away, Alexander Lee is busy dealing with the fast-growing offshore wind market in Asia-Pacific. The Regional Sales Manager for marine and wind cranes plays a vital part in business development within this area as he spots sales opportunities and turns them into success. He ensures that specific customer needs are fulfilled while keeping all of the technical and economic challenges in mind.

The best moments of sales are always winning out over competitors, knowing that we have a truly high-quality product that we deliver at the end of the day.

Alexander Lee, Regional Sales Manager

More than six years of experience at PALFINGER have equipped Alex with invaluable knowledge that both he and his colleagues draw upon every day. Unlike carrying out his daily work, defining his favorite PALFINGER product is much harder for Alex. He is leaning in a certain direction, though … Watch Alex’s video clip to find out more!

Like their fellow colleagues introduced in previous on-the-job editions, sales specialists Arnoud and Alex yet again reflect PALFINGER’s versatility. From various segments to a broad product portfolio and numerous locations, PALFINGER fosters talent and harvests the potential of passionate maritime experts around the globe.

Learn more about a career at PALFINGER from ambitious team colleagues and check out part one, two, and three of our on-the-job-series!

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