That our planet is changing is an undeniable fact. While environmental transformations may differ regionally, the subsequent increase in wildfires – even in areas previously unaffected by such phenomena – is one of many warning signs that should not be ignored. PALFINGER MARINE specializes in solutions for this segment, which was recently showcased at the annual Interschutz trade show in Hannover, Germany.

Fire is a fascinating element. It provides us with warmth and comfort on cold winter nights. Yet fire is as frightening and dangerous as it is nurturing. Raging wildfires remind us of how important it is to protect ourselves and our environment in a rapidly changing ecosystem. PALFINGER MARINE had been providing specialized cranes for fire-fighting vessels for many years before starting to produce own fast-response fire-fighting boats. The industry as a whole covers a wide range of fields and technologies, all of which were represented at the annual Interschutz trade show from the 20th to 25th of June in Hannover, Germany.

The PALFINGER FRSQ 850 A TID FIFI was showcased at the INTERSCHUTZ 2022 in Hannover, Germany.

An evolving market

Today, PALFINGER MARINE is known within the industry for fire-fighting vessels that regularly set new standards in terms of maneuverability and stability, even in toughest conditions. This reputation is based on years of experience in providing customized crane solutions for search and rescue organizations. Franz Schnöll, Head of Global Marine Product Management, explains …

We are proud of our deep roots in the fire-fighting industry, developed over many years through innovation and partnership.

Long-standing collaborations with expert suppliers and a strong sales network mean that PALFINGER MARINE has operated in and delivered its state-of-the-art cranes to this particular segment since its inception.

Lasse Pöppe, Global Product Manager Boats & Davits, knows what customers need: “Our vessels are robust and strong, customizable to meet the needs of the respective search, rescue and fire-fighting departments.” Following recent success in Asian markets, the next immediate aim is to expand the customer base in Europe. “The market is evolving constantly. Digitization, electrification, remote control systems, and safety technology are key elements that PALFINGER MARINE either already covers or is looking into. To this end, we have teamed up with leading suppliers to underpin our growth ambitions,” adds Lasse.

Safety and digitization determine the future

PALFINGER MARINE takes pride in pioneering new technologies. Lasse confirms that this mindset also applies to the fire-fighting segment: “Internally, we are already working on shaping the future of the industry. Our vessels are becoming faster, more intuitive to operate, and more powerful in terms of fire-fighting capabilities.” Braving elements like fire and water is a dangerous job, and PALFINGER MARINE is aware of its responsibility.

“One of the most important drivers of change in this industry is the desire to reduce the risk for firefighters. This is where digital solutions and remote control systems come into play,” Lasse explains. Given that climate change is the cause of the recent increase in wildfires, sustainability is an equally influential industry trend. “The electrification of products to improve sustainability is the future,” Lasse acknowledges.

Agile fire-fighter

One of PALFINGER MARINE’s more recent product innovations is the PALFINGER FRSQ 850 A TID FIFI. At an agile 8.5 meters long and 3 meters wide, it is perfect for swift deployment to fires in near-shore areas. The three-soul crew – and up to 12 additional people – can rely on two 292hp water jet propulsion engines to transport them to and evacuate from affected areas safely at a speed of up to 38 knots (approx. 70km/h).

PALFINGER MARINE’s potential for innovation has allowed us to further cement our position in the fire-fighting segment. Even in challenging times, highly customized solutions for the high-end governmental market ensure a strong order book. Cutting-edge technology and products allow customers to fight fire with PALFINGER.

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