PALFINGER is ready for lift off at the Red Bull Flugtag 2021 on 26 September 2021 in Vienna, Austria. As an official cooperation partner of the event, we have been invited to enter an official PALFINGER team. We are excited to announce that an internal jury has voted to send the innovative “Fish & Jibs” team, made up of four experts from the marine business, to represent our colors. We proudly introduce team members David Roither, Lukas Robl, Sebastian Költringer, and Walter Germann – and their flying shark.

The Red Bull Flugtag is already an iconic event everyone looks forward to. What’s not to love? Daring teams in fabulous handcrafted flying machines battle to find out who can stay airborne the longest before the inevitable “big splash”. This year’s Red Bull Flugtag on 26 September is, however, not just a fun event for the general public, but also an excellent communication arena for Austrian flagship businesses with an international reputation for innovation and passion. As an official cooperation partner, PALFINGER has the unique opportunity to showcase a range of its innovative lifting solutions before and during the event – from assembling the launching platform to safely retrieving the flying machines from the water.


PALFINGER is not only famous for being the world market leader in lifting solutions, but also for harboring enormous talent in its ranks. It therefore comes as no surprise that our cooperation with Red Bull Flugtag includes the right to enter an official PALFINGER team into the competition. All employees were invited to form teams, design a flying machine, and present their creations in front of an internal jury. We are very proud that so many answered the call and dedicated so much time and effort to their respective projects. We are even prouder that the team selected by the jury is made up of four talented employees from our marine business. It’s time to meet “Fish & Jibs”!


The “Fish & Jibs” team (left to right): David Roither, Lukas Robl, Sebastian Költringer, and Walter Germann

The team consists of calculation engineer David Roither, design engineer Lukas Robl, discipline leader mechanical engineering Sebastian Költringer, and electrical engineer Walter Germann. You can get to know them a little better in the video (only available in German – you can add the English subtitles in the settings) below or in our dedicated online “Flight Magazine”.

As the name “Fish & Jibs” suggests, the flying machine designed by our esteemed colleagues draws inspiration from the ocean. While the Red Bull Flugtag is primarily about having fun and entertaining the audience, it certainly doesn’t harm to show ambition, maybe even intimidate the competition a little. Which marine animal embodies these attributes best? It is, of course, the shark. These predators are scary enough in the sea. Just imagine if they could actually fly!


The “Fish & Jibs” team has set up camp in a PALFINGER assembly facility in Salzburg, Austria. Here, they can enjoy a clear home advantage with all the tools necessary for building a shark-shaped flying machine at hand. The four team members can also rely on the moral and physical support of their colleagues. Even PALFINGER jury member Christoph Göttlicher, Chief Engineer Loader Cranes, pops by from time to time to offer expert tips. When asked about the chances of our team, Christoph has his mind made up: “Finding a compromise between a cool design and actual airworthiness is a great challenge, but I am convinced our team will deliver an impressive performance.”

The construction process is in full swing. The team has decided to use sustainably sourced wood and fabric. The flying shark is already taking shape. Given that the aim is to fly as far as possible, the main focus is on optimizing the aircraft’s gliding capability by finding the perfect position for the pilot. While David and Walter, who are responsible for the construction of the shark body and wings respectively, clearly have ambitions to be shark pilots, Lukas, who is the brain behind the landing gear, has been handed the role of aviator as the lightweight within the team. Sebastian is currently in charge of procurement, but he will also organize the aircraft launch at the actual event. Oh, and we can’t wait to see David’s dance moves!

Sebastian sums up the spirit of PALFINGER’s involvement in the Red Bull Flugtag 2021 perfectly: “Being creative and building something together is just really fun.” It certainly is and we are already looking forward to cheering our lads on. For more information visit our Red Bull Flugtag website.

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