PALFINGER MARINE supplies premium quality equipment for ships operating in these harsh and challenging environments. Recently, they secured the contract for the delivery of lifesaving equipment and cranes to MV Werften. The German-based shipyard is building the luxury expedition mega yacht Crystal Endeavor for the US cruise line Crystal Cruises. Crystal Endeavor is Polar Code compliant with a PC6 Polar Class designation. It is specially designed for operation in the Arctic, Antarctic, and also in the tropics. With a length of 183 metres and a gross tonnage of 25,000 the mega yacht will provide accommodation for 200 passengers and the same number of crew members.

For optimum safety on board, PALFINGER MARINE will supply Polar Code compliant lifesaving equipment. The delivery includes two partially enclosed lifeboats, two combined tender/lifeboats, two fast rescue boats, and corresponding davits. Each lifeboat has room for 150 people. The combined tender/lifeboats offer the same capacity when used as lifeboats.


Alex Letzner Sales Manager - Cruise

In their role as tender boats, they can accommodate up to 120 passengers. The interior of the tender boats is custom-designed, thus ensuring an unprecedented level of comfort to passengers on their way to the shore. Onboard mini bars, comfortable seats, and toilet facilities are among the add-on features. The new generation of fast rescue boat FRSQ 630 is also part of PALFINGER MARINE’s delivery to MV Werften. This safe, fast, and agile boat is a perfect fit for the rough sea conditions in polar regions.

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Crystal Endeavor will be equipped with helicopters and landing pads, a submarine, and inflatable excursion boats for adventures in the air, at sea, and on land. The foldable knuckle boom cranes – one positioned on each side of the ship – are used for the launch and recovery of the inflatable excursion boats. Due to their compact design including a power pack in the crane base, they are the ideal choice for areas where space is limited, which is definitely the case on a cruise ship. Compared to a davit, which is usually only used for the launch and recovery of one specific boat, our foldable knuckle boom cranes with an outreach of 2 metres are capable of reaching and lifting any of the nine inflatable excursion boats that are placed on different decks.

For handling the submarine, PALFINGER MARINE is delivering an electric overhead travelling crane. The crane with a safe working load of eleven tons will be used for lifting the submarine from its position through a shell door before launching it. When the submarine returns from its expedition, the crane will recover it from the sea surface and return it to its initial position below deck. In general, all lifting operations will be conducted without passengers aboard. “Submarine handling is not our daily business. Our custombuilt crane is based on a concept that has been developed in close collaboration with the shipyard. With very limited space available below deck, we designed a compact crane that is able to perform the required tasks and fits into the designated space. To make transportation and installation more convenient, we agreed that the crane will be built in three modules. The first module will be delivered by mid- 2018”, says Adam Pasiak, Sales Manager – Cranes. The mega yacht that is being built at MV Werften in Stralsund is scheduled to be delivered to the luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises by the end of 2019. “We are proud to have been chosen as supplier for such a premium-class project. This proves that we are among the market leaders in this niche segment. All product divisions collaborated to secure the contract: the technical departments have done an excellent job and we came up with the right proposals during the sales phase. This brings us one step further in being recognised as a complete deck equipment supplier in the cruise market”, says Alex Letzner.

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