The Red Bull Flugtag in Vienna was truly an action-packed event. Around 40 teams from all over Austria took on the challenge of competing with a variety of creative flying machines. Right in the middle of all the action: the official PALFINGER crew. In the flying shark including crane attachment, pilot Lukas Robl was pushed off the six-meter ramp and went flying into the ice-cold water. The PALFINGER crew watched the spectacle from the pier. But before the shark took to the skies, they got the audience and the jury ready for take-off with an impressive performance.

What was pilot Lukas thinking during take-off? “I hoped that I would be able to land the shark in as much of a controlled manner as possible.” No sooner said than done: The shark landed upside down but safely on the water. And the ratings were impressive as well: In the end, the PALFINGER team, “Fish & Jibs”, won 14th place. The team – made up of four skilled colleagues of PALFINGER’s marine business – and the entire crew were more than satisfied with the performance. Buckle up and watch “Fish & Jibs'” full Flugtag adventure – from concept to flight – in the video below (only available in German – you can add the English subtitles in the settings)!

We did a good job, and our efforts certainly don’t pale in comparison to those of the competition. But in the end, it was all about building a cool flying machine, pushing it off the ramp, and having fun!

PALFINGER team "Fish & Jibs"

Palfinger crew: right in the middle of all the action

While the four design and calculation experts of PALFINGER’s marine business normally do important work behind the scenes, this time they were right on-site taking center stage. They were able to see first-hand how their unique design, the flying shark, performed. What’s more: The PALFINGER crew not only enjoyed the Red Bull Flugtag itself but also the different stages of the construction process – from brainstorming ideas to the completion of the flying machine. Among their personal highlights:

• attaching the wings to the shark
• the dance rehearsals and
• the design of the shark

Ultimately, however, it was the many small, special moments that made the project an experience that all crew members will remember for a long time to come.

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